On Oct. 20, Greater Vernon will vote on borrowing a portion of the cost to build a new Cultural Centre that would house the Vernon Public Art Gallery, the Greater Vernon Museum & Archives and multi-use rooms so our community has the opportunities it deserves to experience culture, our heritage and so much more.

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Vote Yes for Culture

This is your cultural centre

Vote Yes for Culture

You deserve to experience…

  • All the art in our permanent collection by renowned artists with local roots, currently covered in plastic bags
  • All the artifacts and stories of our heroes, families, founders and First Nations people, currently in storage lockers
  • World-class traveling and national exhibitions
  • Greater programming for all ages in dedicated classroom space
  • Greater event opportunities in dedicated events space
  • Multi-use rooms for community group meetings & performances
  • A vibrant, safe downtown
  • A beautiful, accessible gathering place to let culture and our stories connect us for years to come


Vote Yes for Culture


The new Cultural Centre offers greater opportunities for families to:

  • Participate in children and family programming in dedicated learning spaces for the first time
  • Experience world-class national and traveling exhibitions
  • Foster learning and inclusion across cultures and generations
  • Nurture and inspire young artists & innovative thinking
  • Promote wellbeing through creative expression, inclusion & achievement
Vote Yes for Culture


The new Cultural Centre offers greater opportunities for students to:

  • View thousands of pieces of world-class art from the National Gallery and traveling exhibitions that can’t be shown here now because we lack the security & environmental controls of a purpose-built space
  • Experience far more programming, performances and talks
  • Participate in new ideas and experiences that foster innovative thinking
  • Learn the rich history of our city
  • Secure employment in a thriving community
  • Live in a city with a vibrant downtown, including shops, restaurants and cafés
Vote Yes for Culture


The new Cultural Centre offers greater opportunities to:

  • Attend exhibitions and talks with expanded seating and tickets
  • Connect to your roots through exhibitions and improved archives hours and resources
  • Leave a legacy and preserve our heritage so residents will have the chance to experience our stories for years to come
  • Improve wellbeing through opportunities for creative expression and learning, and by building a sense of identity, achievement & belonging
  • Attract health professionals who want to live in a city with modern arts & culture facilities
Vote Yes for Culture


The new Cultural Centre offers greater opportunities to:

  • Keep local arts spending in Greater Vernon instead of sending attendees to Kelowna, Kamloops & Vancouver
  • Enjoy the spending of tourists and local arts attendees above admission on dining, shopping and lodging
  • Promote a safe, vibrant and beautiful downtown
  • Attract other businesses & professionals who want to be based in a community that values enriching cultural life
  • Give your employees opportunities to enjoy cultural experiences
Vote Yes for Culture


The new Cultural Centre offers greater opportunities to:

  • Meet and perform in community multi-use space
  • Bridge the gap across ages and cultures
  • Contribute to a culture that fosters diversity, inclusion & innovative thinking
  • Create and draw from synergies with the gallery, museum and other local groups
Vote Yes for Culture


The new Cultural Centre offers greater opportunities to:

  • Celebrate stories of local athletes in a new Sports Hall of Fame
  • Give tournament-goers & families other popular things to do
  • Attract sports families and professionals who want to live in a well-rounded community and recreational as well as cultural amenities
  • Host meetings in the multi-space community rooms
Vote Yes for Culture
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The availability of such resources is critical to the development of our young people, especially in today’s digital age. These types of facilities transform our youth into leaders who then become positive contributors in our local communities. These facilities and resources also bring our children together which allows them to strive for common goals. The Cultural Centre would also create jobs and bring in tourism. It truly sounds like a long-term win for our community.

Jim Cotter

I strongly support the initiative to invest in a new Greater Vernon Cultural Centre. Such an investment is long overdue as our public art gallery and the Vernon museum have been shuffled around spaces that cannot safely house the art and artifacts that are part of our cultural heritage. We have an interesting history and talented arts scene that will thrive even more with an improved facility. A new cultural centre will contribute to a vibrant downtown and make our community more attractive to current residents and those considering making the greater Vernon area their home. I’ll be voting yes on October 20 and encourage you to as well. It’s an investment in a positive future for our home.

Tom Christensen, Q.C. Lawyer

We are fortunate in Vernon to have a number of facilities that contribute to quality of life and make Greater Vernon a special place to live, visit and do business. Adding a much-needed Cultural Centre will make our community stronger as it will be an important gathering place for people to better experience our history, art and culture.

Robert Foord, President Kal Tire

The North Okanagan continues to prove popular with people wanting to relocate and businesses wanting to invest, but increasingly, they are considering what amenities a community has before they decide to move. While Greater Vernon has taken significant steps forward with sports facilities, the major missing piece is culture. Parents want to enrol their children in programs but the current museum and art gallery are limited by space, while a lack of climate control and other infrastructure prevents national travelling exhibits from coming to the community. As we all know, the need to expand the economy is vital in the North Okanagan so our young people have opportunities here, and to attract new businesses, including high-tech, we need to offer amenities that will keep them active and enriched after hours. And finally, the location of the cultural centre will help add vitality to the downtown core, which will benefit restaurants and nearby businesses. For all of these reasons, I am voting yes for culture Oct. 20.

Vote Yes for Culture